Our Services

Cost Reduction

Seasoned strategic sourcing professionals delivering significant third-party supplier cost reduction, combining deep procurement expertise with advanced analytics to find and capture savings

Revenue Growth

Data-driven strategies for revenue improvement that increase sales force efficiency, reduce customer attrition, enhance the capture of cross-sell opportunities and quantify white space potential at the market and customer level, leading to improved profitability and meaningful growth

Continuous Analytics

Ongoing data capture and analysis, combined with powerful reporting to ensure value is captured and sustained post-implementation

The Impendi Diagnostic

Our data-driven assessment helps to identify profit improvement opportunities in your business

The Impendi DiagnosticTM provides a high-value, low-risk way to determine what aspects are truly working in your business. Depending on the problem we are working with you to solve we will surface, qualify and quantify answers to the most pressing questions you pose to us, including:

  • Are we maximizing the value of each dollar of our purchasing expenses – are we spending wisely?
  • How well are we identifying incremental revenue opportunities for our existing customers – are we providing customers with everything we can?
  • Is our staffing model aligned with our business objectives – are we deploying valuable staff resources for maximum benefit?
  • What is our plan to use data to improve profitability – are we capturing and monitoring the “right” data to inform business decisions?

The Impendi Diagnostic blends software, analytics, and world-class expertise to answer your questions – typically in just 6‒8 weeks, complementing your existing cost reduction or revenue growth projects with additional initiatives to accelerate profit growth.

Discover how the Impendi Diagnostic, coupled with our services, drives valuable results

General Contractor

$20 million

in cost savings

over 12 projects

Laboratory Reagents Manufacturer

savings of 14%

across 11 projects

SaaS Provider

$300 million

of capturable revenue

potential across the

existing customer base

Steel Mill

$5 million in

annual cost reductions within

their transportation network