Impendi helps clients reduce third party expenses utilizing a unique blend of analytics, experience, and process excellence. Our process can be applied to virtually any area of expense and we have developed ‘category playbooks’ for the most common areas of SG&A expense like IT, Temp Labor, Marketing, and Professional Services. What makes us unique is our focus on implementation where we partner closely with clients to ensure sustainability of the results.

The Impendi Approach

Our analytics driven approach is designed to help companies make data-driven decisions and realize greater savings faster than would otherwise be possible.

Helps identify and prioritize new savings opportunitiesProvides insight into the performance of cost savings initiatives, their impact, and potential risksMeasures actual realized savings and identifies sources of leakage

Common Sourcing & Procurement Challenges

Poor visibility into spend

  • Data is finance-centric and not suited for procurement
  • Data is scattered across multiple disparate systems with differing formats
  • Categorization of spend non-existent, too general, or wrong

Difficulty getting timely, actionable insights from savings projects

  • No efficient way to repeatedly collect and roll-up project information
  • Data overload makes it difficult to zero in on what’s important
  • Tracking project changes over time is complex

No way to ensure savings are fully-realized

  • Companies typically lose 3-5% of savings over time due to poor visibility into:
    • Use of non-approved suppliers
    • Items purchased with non-preferred suppliers
    • Supplier overcharges
    • Missed volume discounts and rebates

Our Procurement Services Reduce Overhead Costs & Foster Business Growth

The cost reduction process is customized to meet a client’s specific needs. However, its main goal is to leverage analytical capabilities and domain knowledge to enhance profitability. The process typically involves data collection, spend analysis, market research, negotiation, and contracting. The process can be broken down into four steps:

Spend Analytics

Impendi has a robust data infrastructure to quickly process large and complex spend datasets. Our proprietary process leverages AI techniques and human experience to develop a market-centric classification to help prioritize strategic sourcing efforts and answer the important question: who is spending what with whom?

Opportunity Discovery

Our experts apply category domain knowledge to benchmark key supplier relationships and to quantify savings opportunities and develop implementation plans.

Supplier Engagement

We work with client stakeholders to compete and negotiate supply agreements that maintain or improve service levels while lowering overall costs.

Implementation and Sustainment

Our projects pay particular attention to implementation efforts and organizational processes that needed to sustain the savings. Our solution includes a robust change management process, considerations for organizational design, and a continuous analytics process to track savings and intervene where realization metrics do not meet targets.

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    See More. Save More.

    Case Study

    Steel Manufacturer

    €35 million

    in annual savings from
    over 40 projects

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

    $16 million

    in annual savings from
    a $154 million baseline

    IT Software Company

    $13 million

    reduction in third-party
    SG&A costs