Improving The Revenue Growth Cycle

Impendi Analytics offers end-to-end services to help our clients grow revenue and market share. We utilize powerful data analysis and predictive modeling to find and quantify specific tactics for revenue growth, combined with powerful recommendations delivered in a format that sales and marketing teams can easily consume and pursue including:

  • Identifying growth opportunities and white space through customer and prospect segmentation
  • Improving sales force effectiveness through advanced analytics
  • Optimizing invoicing and promotions strategies
  • Maximizing return on investment of new locations or expansions
  • Developing strategies to capture additional value from existing customers

Hands-On Revenue Growth From Impendi Analytics

Our approach to revenue growth is data-driven. We drive practical, comprehensive solutions by:

Building An Integrated View Of A Client


This includes building an understanding of your current client base and geographic presence to inform the profile of customers whom they do (and should) sell to and where

Analyzing Customer Purchase Patterns


Analyzing and comparing performance within and across customers over time to identify specific gaps in coverage by product, service or location that can be exploited for additional sales

Developing Recommended Strategies


Based on hard data that analyzes a multitude of customer touchpoints and touch strategies, we provide specific next-step recommendations and intervention strategies to help influence a desired customer behavior

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Optimizing customer retention and cross-sell is the fastest and most cost-effective path to meaningful margin enhancement – and it’s an area where focused analytics can drive tangible results quickly.