We deploy experienced professionals with hands-on operational expertise and deep industry knowledge. They bring to bear advanced analytics capabilities that identify the source of operational issues. Our team works in tandem with your people to implement solutions that prove sustainable. Together we accelerate your ability to realize savings and create value for your business. The breadth of our services includes enhancing specific capabilities to developing end to end holistic functions.

Finance Excellence

Today’s ecosystem is complex and evolving. Increasingly Finance leaders must shift from known problems to unknown ones. This critical pivot demands robust, far-sighted analytics to slice through the uncertainties. Our CFO Advisory Team assists clients in the following ways:


  • Bolster strategic initiatives such as enterprise-wide cost reductions, revenue model transformation, and growth projects
  • Optimize Finance capabilities through improved budgeting, forecasting, modeling, and use of process automation technologies (RPA)
  • Enhance the Finance function’s strategic contributions


The current landscape is shifting due to increased customer experience expectations, changing regulatory demands, and dynamic tariffs. With these new challenges come opportunities. Our seasoned advisors leverage hands-on operational experience to generate value by increasing service while reducing costs. We mine your distribution and transportation network in order to uncover areas of improvement.

Integrated Demand & Supply Planning

The gamut of our services includes enhancing the components of an existing S&OP function to developing the comprehensive suite of S&OP capabilities from ground zero. We target cross-functional collaboration to ensure the execution of plans, enhanced levels of customer service, and realization of full sales potential.

Working Capital Optimization

Our approach balances strategic- and customer-centric objectives with financial and risk profile targets. We excavate your transactional data in order to uncover specific, actionable opportunities surrounding inventory, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

Workforce Optimization

We collaborate with our clients to align the right staff with the right capabilities to the right projects. We examine elements throughout the workforce management lifecycle, such as labor demand forecasting, labor scheduling, task alignment, and workforce efficiency. Optimal impact is reached when staffing levels and labor costs align to strategic objectives and financial performance budgets.

Operational Intelligence

Companies often struggle to translate operational actions to specific financial performance improvement. Our approach starts with helping companies identify and prioritize key operational drivers of revenue, cost, and risk. Our team then architects solutions to provide real-time and actionable insight. These tools empower company personnel to focus their attention on the most impactful and addressable areas. While data and analytics are fundamental, functional, and industry expertise are critical to success.

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    Case Study

    A manufacturer and distributor of consumer products was experiencing rapidly declining customer service levels due to unprecedented customer demand and supply chain impairment caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Company leadership recognized the urgent need to implement immediate solutions but also develop operational capabilities to manage future challenges.


    • Rapidly increasing inventory and declining customer service scores
    • Inability to get the right products to the right distribution centers for customer fulfilment
    • Lack of visibility into supply chain performance and where to deploy valuable resources


    • Reengineered the demand planning function including the forecast methodology, tools, and process alignment across business functions
    • Designed and implemented an inventory optimization capability to drive improvement
    • Implemented a custom operational intelligence platform with a suite of report and actionable tools


    • Proved opportunity for immediate improvement of forecasting accuracy by over 16%
    • Empowered executive and field teams with cloud-based platform to provide insights into root causes of challenges and prioritized areas for action
    • Established ongoing and sustainable supply chain capabilities