We Utilize Continuous Analytics & Reporting To Ensure Sustained, Long-Term Results

Successful strategies aimed at increasing efficiency, decreasing costs, and boosting revenue require regular monitoring and analysis to ensure peak efficiency. Impendi Analytics provides continuous analytics and reporting to inform your ongoing actions around customer and supplier management.

Ongoing monitoring and reporting can take many forms.  Typical client use cases can include:

Savings Tracking
We track performance against an agreed baseline to ensure that targeted savings are being achieved. We build detailed monitoring to find and flag instances of non-compliance (for example, in procurement, these can include buying the wrong specification of a product or the supplier not charging according to the contract) providing you with specific actionable information to remediate non-compliant purchasers or suppliers
Business Visualizations
Impendi builds custom dashboards to powerfully highlight sources of over- and under-performance, complete with suggested reasons for the performance variation. These dashboards can include sales force performance, customer performance against a peer group, supplier scorecards and the like. All of these are served up in a manner that is easily consumable by users as part of their daily work regimen
Predictive Models
Our team builds and maintains predictive models using a continuous feed of new internal and external data to ensure your business is only looking at the most relevant information when making important decisions around customer management, sales force management, and purchased expense demand management

Our proven continuous analytics service delivers quantifiable results. We recently developed a powerful reporting tool to continuously measure and monitor customer usage patterns against a series of variables including targeted pricing initiatives, for a major toll road enabling them to continue to refine time-of-day pricing across the network.

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