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Procurement Analytics that Accelerate and Sustain Savings

Impendi’s Analytics Solutions provide ongoing insights to help you find, get, and keep more savings – faster.

We offer the most comprehensive savings lifecycle management solution – from Spend Analytics to Savings Program Analytics to Savings Tracking to Contract Compliance.

Each module combines a unique blend of data and analytics expertise, embedded know-how gained from hundreds of cost savings initiatives, and state-of-the-art technology.

Whether you’re a category manager, sourcing specialist, or procurement professional, Impendi delivers the insights you need to make high-impact, data-driven decisions.

Analytics Solutions Services

Impendi Offers A Wide Variety Of Analytics Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Spend Analytics

Gain Full Visibility into Your Spend

Impendi Spend Analytics provides complete, accurate, and detailed visibility into your organization’s spend so you can quickly and easily identify a wide range of opportunities, such as unleveraged spend, inefficient processes, excessive risk, and non-compliant spend.

With over $1 trillion in spend analyzed across 100+ clients, Impendi’s proven data transformation process rapidly and repeatedly consolidates, cleanses, enriches, and categorizes raw financial data into procurement insight. Our team of category experts further refines the analysis to ensure that it reflects the important nuances of your business.

Impendi Spend Analytics is delivered with over 30 out-of-the-box analyses accessed through state-of-the-art visualization. Each is embedded with proprietary analytics that automatically detects and quantifies opportunities and provides recommendations for capturing them.

With Impendi Spend Analytics, you’ll have the foundational insights you need to take your procurement function to the next level.

Program Management Analytics

Increase Transparency & Control Over Your Savings Pipeline

Most procurement organizations acknowledge the need for greater visibility and control over savings initiatives. However, they lack the tools and processes to effectively track savings programs from idea to realized savings.

Impendi’s Program Management Analytics provides real-time visibility into all your cost savings initiatives and quantifies their impact on your forecast. Using this module, you can launch, execute, and manage all your savings projects — from idea to realized savings. What’s more, the solution forecasts and continually refines the projected impact to in-year budgets.

By automating the collection and analysis of project information, you’ll be able to instantly answer questions, like:

  • How healthy is my overall project pipeline?
  • What’s my forecasted savings and spend?
  • Which projects are late and how will they affect my forecast?
  • What’s changed since the last update?
  • Which projects are at risk and what’s the plan to mitigate it?
  • Which projects have upcoming milestones?
  • How well is each project manager performing?

Savings Tracker

Track Contributions To The Bottom Line

Do you know how much you’ve actually saved?

Impendi Savings Tracker helps you quantify actual savings realized over time and compare it to what was forecasted. When savings deviate from forecast, you’ll have the tools to conduct a thorough root cause analysis so you can take corrective action. You can even identify why changes in savings occur based on volume changes, product mix, and ordering patterns.

With Impendi Savings Tracker, you’ll be able to quantify all your contributions to the bottom line.

Contract Compliance Monitor

Prevent Savings Leakage

Savings leakage occurs when there is a gap between negotiated savings and what’s actually realized. This may be due to poor contract management, inefficient supplier onboarding or other issues. The impact: The average company loses 22% of is cost savings to leakage every ear.

Impendi’s Contract Compliance module helps you close the gap between what you expected to save and what you did save. By automating the reconciliation process between contractual terms and purchasing activity, Impendi helps you continuously detect and quantify savings leakage due to non-adherence with contracts or incorrect supplier pricing.

  • Non-Compliance – Is my organization spending with the contracted suppliers, buying approved products at the contracted rate?
  • Overcharges – Which suppliers are not adhering to their contractual rates? How much am I being overcharged, for which products, and what can I do to fix it?
  • Missed Entitlements – Do I have any missed price-volume discounts, rebates, or other entitlements?

By continuously monitoring and auditing purchasing activity against contractual terms, you’ll have the intelligence you need to not only claw back lost savings, but also to put remediation measures to prevent such leakage.

Cash Release Analytics

Free Up More Cash

Cash flow is the amount of money that comes into your business versus the amount of money that goes out, from one period to the next. Cash flow management is vitally important to every business as it is a key indicator of financial health.

Impendi’s Cash Flow Analytics helps you gain visibility and control over cash flows and working capital. The solution comes with built-in algorithms to improve your cash flow management and automatically detect early payments to suppliers, missed discounts, and suppliers with multiple payment terms.

Finally, the solution enables users to model the cash impact of lengthening payment terms.

Inventory Optimizer

Manage Inventory More Effectively

Effective inventory management leads to quantifiable benefits and enhanced financial performance, including increased cash generation, greater sales, enhanced gross margins, and optimized working capital.

Impendi’s Inventory Optimizer module leverages your data to quickly identify near-term value creation options while providing insights into more strategic inventory opportunities. These include opportunities to:

  • Liquidate, sell down, or move excess and unproductive inventory
  • Reduce obsolescence, inventory holding costs, and cost to maintain outside product useful life
  • Ensure product availability at appropriate locations to meet customer demand
  • Operate at appropriate inventory levels which balance service levels and costs

Supplier Diversity & Risk

Enrich Your Supplier Data With Additional Content

The more you know about your suppliers the better. Which ones contribute to your diversity program? Which pose excessive risk to your business?

Impendi’s Supplier Diversity dashboard helps you track and manage the many certification categories and spending with your diverse suppliers – whether they be minority- and women-owned businesses or companies created by veterans or disabled individuals.

Impendi’s Supplier Risk dashboard helps you identify a wide range of risks that can disrupt your business or cause you reputational damage. These include: Financial Stability, Bankruptcies, Liens, Judgments, OSHA Violations, Debarred Suppliers, and others.

The dashboards are designed to work seamlessly with content from third party providers, such as D&B and Bureau Van Dijk/Moodys.

Custom Analytics

Discover The Possible

Impendi’s data management and visualization experts can architect, deliver, and maintain custom analytics solutions tailored to your specific needs, such as executive dashboards and category-specific analytics. By rapidly prototyping and iterating with our clients, we can quickly and efficiently deliver world-class analyses, reports, and dashboards tailored to your specific needs.


  • Impendi offers data visualization services to help you spot trends, track business key metrics, compare performance, and more.
  • Impendi’s team will develop and tailor your visualization solution so that it answers your specific business questions and help you make data-driven decisions promptly and efficiently.
  • Impendi can help when you need specialized data services to consolidate, normalize, remove duplicates, translate, map, or otherwise extend the value of your data
  • Our data cleansing services help C-level executives and managers at all levels to eliminate poor quality data and ensure that decisions are based on consistent and accurate information.

Case Study

Value Capture Program Analytics

The client, a $7B US Healthcare provider, had a goal to deliver $100M cost reduction across its direct and indirect categories. Historically, savings had been difficult to prove and consistently less than expected.


  • Poor visibility into organizational spend
  • Limited Project Management experience and pipeline visibility
  • No mechanism to track savings and contract compliance


Impendi’s sourcing team leveraged a range of analytics insight to:

  • Establish accurate category baselines to identify the most compelling opportunities
  • Provide project management support to manage a strong pipeline
  • Track and monitor savings to ensure 100% realization of sourcing efforts


  • Successfully managed 50+ initiatives, improving visibility and accountability
  • Identified project risks and proactively developed mitigation plans
  • Achieved $100M savings ($55M+ in 2019)
  • Established ongoing contract monitoring, resulting in $500K in supplier credits