Overview of Services

Every year, hundreds of billions of dollars are lost due to supply chain inefficiencies.

Is your business using strategic sourcing to optimize procurement and contain costs?

At Impendi Analytics, our metrics-driven approach draws on deep, granular data and category expertise to yield procurement insights aligned with best practices. Our experienced professionals reduce costs, improve performance, and increase profits for global clients in private equity, healthcare, construction management, steel manufacturing, and other industries.



•     Do we really need to buy this product?
•     Have we clearly stated all the specifications?
•     Are we optimizing inventory levels while minimizing capital requirements?
RFx Processes


•     Could we improve supplier bidding by being more transparent?
•     How can we streamline bidding and selection to reduce procurement lead time?
Supplier Negotiations •     Is this the best price for these specifications?
•     Do we have advantageous agreements with preferred suppliers?


•     Do the supplier’s invoices adhere to our contract terms?
•     Do our supplier payment methods minimize transaction costs?
•     Do our payment terms reflect the tradeoffs between cost of capital and early-payment discounts?

Our Services
The Impendi DiagnosticTM
We blend our data-driven methodology and category expertise to rapidly identify quantifiable cost-saving opportunities, providing management with a clear roadmap for greater profits.

Savings Acceleration
We provide spend analysis, auditing, and management services to support your supplier negotiations and minimize costs for each expense category.

Strategic Sourcing Management
We assemble global teams of experienced procurement specialists with category expertise to implement a fair, objective, and data-driven sourcing process.

The Impendi Diagnostic

Do you have all the facts you need to make critical sourcing and procurement decisions?

At Impendi Analytics, we understand the importance of having concrete, detailed information when making key sourcing decisions. Don’t take a leap of faith and hope for the best. The Impendi DiagnosticTM provides a high-value, low-risk way to answer many of the most pressing questions facing your business:

  • How much is each department spending, and in which categories?
  • Are we consistently getting the best prices from our suppliers?
  • How much could we save by consolidating sources or revisiting our supplier contracts?
  • Could our procurement office be more efficient?

The Impendi Diagnostic blends software, analytics, and world-class category expertise to answer your questions in just 6‒8 weeks. We interview stakeholders and gather data to develop a spend cube analysis by supplier, business line, and category. Then we identify cost-saving opportunities by category, identifying specific business levers backed by real, quantified savings potential.

Does it work? The results of the Impendi Diagnostic speak for themselves:

  • General contractor : $20 million in potential cost savings over 12 projects
  • Laboratory reagents manufacturer : expected savings of 14% across 11 projects
  • Steel mill : $5 million in annual cost reductions within the transportation network
  • Discount retailer : savings opportunities of $10 million (>20%)

Contact us today to find out how the Impendi Diagnostic can reveal hidden cost savings for your business.

Savings Acceleration Services

Are your supplier relationships helping or hindering your cost-optimization strategies?

Impendi’s Savings Acceleration services are focused, data-driven engagements that reduce supplier costs while emphasizing these key principles:

  • Data-driven and profit-focused: Our experienced sourcing professionals use world-class analytics (often leveraging the Impendi DiagnosticTM) to maximize savings with a relentless focus on the bottom line and your ROI.
  • Collaboration: We work as true partners, respecting existing supplier relationships while remaining focused on the project savings goal.
  • Prioritization: We prioritize spending categories by developing wave plans based on client and market requirements.
  • Competition: We develop fair and objective processes to maximize supplier competition within cost, quality, speed, and service specifications.
  • Negotiation: We employ savvy negotiation techniques to obtain the best supplier pricing and terms.
  • Contracts: We work closely with your legal team to document supplier pricing and terms in appropriate, enforceable agreements
  • Implementation: We secure stakeholder buy-in through communication, training, and budgeting for long-term success

Our Savings Acceleration services have yielded significant cost savings in sourcing for diverse categories, ranging from construction equipment to blood used in diagnostic laboratories.

  • Steel manufacturer: €35 million in annual savings across 16 projects against €8 billion in revenues
  • General contractor: ₤14 million in savings across 9 projects
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturer: $16 million in recurring savings on a $160 million baseline
  • IT company: $13 million reduction in third-party overhead costs

Strategic Sourcing Management

Are your sourcing practices driving cost reductions and improvements in service and quality?

Too often, sourcing represents a corporate weakness rather than a competitive advantage. Impendi Analytics has the knowledge, skills, and experience to transform your sourcing department or provide full strategic sourcing management so that procurement becomes a competitive advantage for your firm.

We will transform your procurement practices to identify the best available suppliers, reduce costs, and improve service and quality throughout your supply chain.

  • Spend analytics – Our world-class data collection, analytics, and reporting ensure that executives have access to real-time information for strategic sourcing decisions.
  • Category expertise – Our dedicated team members apply deep analytical and category-domain knowledge to develop on-demand solutions that meet your requirements for direct and indirect materials.
  • Procurement leadership – We recruit and train strong procurement leaders with the same care you would use for your most critical management roles.

Our proven Strategic Sourcing Management services deliver quantifiable results. We recently developed and implemented an ongoing, strategic sourcing solution for a $5 billion US general contractor and achieved a 600% ROI by the second year. Just imagine what we can do for you.

Call today to find out how we can transform procurement and sourcing for your business.

Revenue-side Optimization

Information asymmetry is a chronic problem on both sides of the income statement – customer revenue and supplier/employee cost.  On the revenue side it is oftentimes difficult for companies to be able to quickly and actionably answer the key “money” questions about their customers including:

  • What is my true revenue potential with a customer?
  • What is my current share of wallet with each of my customers and where are the specific revenue gaps/opportunities that I can pursue?
  • Which of my customers are most likely to respond well to an inbound offer and what should that offer be?
  • Which of my customers are at risk of leaving and what actions can I take now to delay and hopefully reverse that risk?

Reasons why these questions are tough to answer are numerous but all boil down to a few key issues where Impendi can help accelerate to time to actionable insights:

  • Building an integrated view of a client to include comprehensive parent/child relationships and geographic presence to inform the business case for where we can sell and to whom.
  • Analyzing customer purchase patterns and comparing them across customer sites and relevant customer peer groups to identify specific gaps in coverage by product/service or geography.
  • Building powerful attrition models to flag and risk-score likely “at risk” accounts.
  • Developing recommended offers/intervention strategies to influence desired customer behavior.

We apply the same relentless focus on facts, observed behaviors, and outcomes on the revenue side to drive customized test and learn strategies that can enhance significantly customer wallet share and retention.  Interested to learn more?