When you join Impendi, you will experience a culture driven by unique career and personal development opportunities, strong interpersonal relationships, and a little bit of fun, too.

Our Culture

Impendi embraces a collaborative and friendly work environment that’s ideal for analytical and creative thinkers alike. We recruit candidates from a variety of backgrounds to create a well-rounded, unique team of results-oriented experts.

Impendi’s Training & Development programs provide employees the tools they need to grow. We emphasize continuous improvement to push us to excel personally and within our teams.

  • Monthly training sessions Impendi holds monthly training sessions on a variety of technical topics – such as Advanced Excel training, database management, predictive model building or management skills – which are available to anyone who wants to join.
  • Annual training week Each year, we offer an annual training week to thoroughly onboard new employees, familiarize them with Impendi, and ensure they are equipped for personal success at the company.
  • Mentorship program  New employees are assigned a senior management mentor. Mentors help mentees pursue career objectives, manage personal growth, and ensure a meaningful work experience during their time with the firm.

We know that our best work can stem from connecting with colleagues on a personal level. That’s why we nurture a positive culture through a wide range of company-sponsored events including:

  • Friday lunchesMany Impendi team members travel during part of the week. Friday office lunches are the perfect opportunity for us to catch up as a unit and share experiences across projects.
  • Monthly socialsEvery month, the office heads out to a unique event together. Past activities have included Comedy Cellar, escape rooms, fitness classes and more.
  • Annual company offsitesEach year, we hold a 2-3 day retreat for employees, spouses, and children. Whether you’re a new hire or a tenured employee, these offsite trips create a great bonding experience. Past offsites have included ski trips and tropical resort stays.
  • Additional eventsWe organize frequent – oftentimes spontaneous – events to maintain a vibrant working atmosphere and healthy work-life balance, such as dinners, happy hours, and other activities.

Our Wellness Program focuses on improving the health and happiness of employees, promoting teamwork through team-building activities, and encouraging productivity and creativity in the workplace. We make it easy to stay healthy by organizing activities and competitions throughout the year, oftentimes taking advantage of various fitness activities as a team.

In addition to wellness goals, we believe that “healthy” competition provides opportunities to learn while acknowledging each other’s outstanding accomplishments and enjoying each other’s company. We also have programs to encourage employees to test and stretch their creative problem-solving skills while working together.

Life At Impendi

Life At Impendi

We work with high-performing companies in all industries – and we enable all employees to participate in driving data-based solutions.

Flat Structure

Impendi’s flat organization and team structures ensure an open-door “access” policy, giving employees of all levels multiple channels for effective communication up, down and across the company.

Advancement Opportunities

A dedicated mentorship program and hands-on experience empower our team members to accelerate their ascent up the career ladder at Impendi.

Continuous Improvement

Improvement is emphasized with monthly training sessions and regular reviews that push each of us to excel personally and with our teams in a collaborative environment.

Tight-Knit Company Culture

Quarterly social events, monthly activities, and annual offsites ensure the entire Impendi team maintains a supportive working environment

Commitment to Diversity

We believe that one of the ways we can maintain a culture that drives client value creation, innovation and integrity, and top client service is by fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Testemonial arrow
Testemonial arrow

The sense of teamwork, responsibility, and ownership was instilled from the very start of my time at Impendi. I can see my individual actions making a large impact on our client’s success – there aren’t many places where that happens.

At Impendi, if one person succeeds, everyone succeeds. Our strong ‘One Team’ mindset means we’re constantly teaching and supporting each other, which I think makes our work more rewarding.

The company’s flat structure makes it easy for junior staff to reach out to the managers and directors for guidance. As a new analyst, people are always eager to help you grow and succeed.

We have regular training sessions and exercises, performance reviews and feedback, and a great mentorship program, which makes sure everyone both individuals and the firm as a whole continue to grow and evolve.

Who We’re Looking For

who collaborate with team members and manage tasks successfully
Analytical Thinkers
who can execute initiatives quickly and create practical solutions
who thrive on dynamic challenges and out-of-the-box solutions to drive tangible results
with the passion to have their “fingerprints” on how the company grows and thrives