Impendi values every team member and recognizes each individual’s skill set. We foster continuous learning and professional development among team members, without the constraints of an artificial hierarchy.

Impendi embraces a collaborative and friendly work environment that’s ideal for analytical and creative thinkers. Our team members challenge and encourage each other to test their limits, regardless of their educational background or experience. We value commitment, potential, efforts, and results. We also value relationships with one another, and we organize social events throughout the year to mingle and have fun.


The annual award for delivering the greatest savings motivates us to exceed expectations, execute each project to the best of our abilities, and enjoy healthy competition. In the words of one Associate, “We’re the only consulting firm I know of where Associates brag about how much money they’re saving their clients.”

At Impendi, we believe that healthy competition provides opportunities to learn something new while acknowledging each other’s outstanding accomplishments and enjoying each other’s company. We’ve developed two programs to encourage employees to test and stretch their creative problem-solving skills:  

  • The annual Savings Competition recognizes individual employees who have delivered the greatest value to our clients and to Impendi.
  • The biannual Analython provides a creative outlet beyond project deliverables by challenging teams to build products or processes that diversify or improve our client offerings and internal capabilities.

Social Events

We know that our best work stems from connecting with our colleagues on a personal level. Friday lunches are my favorite Impendi tradition, and social events are a great way to enjoy team-building exercises with colleagues and their families.

The close-knit groups of professionals at Impendi value the bonds among employees. We organize regular dinners and other team activities to maintain a vibrant working atmosphere and develop a healthy work-life balance.

  • Annual Company Outings. Spouses and children participate in our annual 2- or 3-day retreat, which serves as a valuable bonding experience for our new hires and tenured employees.
  • Quarterly Socials. We’re always looking for new opportunities to have fun outside of the office with scavenger hunts, escape room challenges, improv classes, stand-up comedy shows, and more.
  • Friday Lunches. Each Friday marks a culinary adventure as we gather for a company-sponsored lunch exploring world cuisines.

Team Health & Wellness

Impendi’s wellness program lets us take advantage of various fitness activities as a team. We tend to be quite competitive, yet collaborative, which makes it fun to achieve health and wellness goals with colleagues.

Impendi makes it easy to stay healthy by organizing activities and competitions throughout the year. Our Wellness Program focuses on improving the health and happiness of employees, promoting teamwork through team-building activities, and encouraging productivity and creativity in the workplace.

Career Development

Impendi employees have client exposure and a high level of responsibility soon after being hired. This not only demonstrates the trust that the leadership team has in every one of us, but also motivates us to continuously develop our skill set and explore areas outside of our expertise while continuing to deliver value to our clients.

Our employees thrive on intellectual challenges and a steep learning curve. They work on diverse projects while applying problem-solving methods and analytical and communication skills in client-facing roles.

We are committed to facilitating continuous learning for employees at all levels in all of our offices. In addition to an intensive annual training program for new hires, we offer monthly sessions to help you brush up on your procurement, analytics, and leadership skills. We draw on our teams’ experience to develop customized modules that reflect our cross-industry experience with clients spanning private equity, healthcare, construction management, steel manufacturing, and other industries.

In addition, our mentorship program builds and maintains a bridge with the leadership team. Our employees work under a mentor’s guidance to focus on personal growth, pursue long-term objectives, and stay a step ahead of their peers in the industry.


Are you highly motivated and analytically minded? Do you want to tackle our clients’ most challenging problems? Do Impendi’s values and culture seem like a good fit? If so, we would love to hear from you. Please review our current openings and consider advancing your career with Impendi by applying today.


Social Events

“ Friday lunches are my favorite Impendi tradition, as it is a great way to spend time and catch up with the whole team after a week of project travel. ”


“ The annual award for delivering highest savings is a great motivation for going above and beyond expectations to execute the projects successfully and the competition is always healthy, which makes the process enjoyable. ”


“ Given the diversity of the Impendi team, which has people of various professional and cultural backgrounds, every day at work is a learning process where I receive guidance and mentorship not only from the leadership, but also from my peers. ”

Current Openings