A Day In The Life: Vijender Kapoor On Overcoming Stress, Delivering Error-Free Projects & Achieving Professional Satisfaction

Last Updated: February 13, 2020

Dehli-based Impendi team member Vijender Kapoor shares a typical day in the life as a global engagement manager. Kapoor takes us inside his stress-relief tips, how he stays focused throughout the day, and the organizational standards that empower him to deliver valuable client results every time.

The Responsibilities Of An Engagement Manager At Impendi

As an Engagement Manager based out of the Delhi Office, I am responsible for ensuring projects are adequately staffed, client deliverables are error-free, top quality and delivered on time. I am also responsible for the end-to-end delivery of projects outsourced completely to India or for clients based out of India.

The India practice is still small. However, we are making continuous efforts to grow in APAC and ME regions. As a senior member of the team in India office, my responsibilities also include recruiting, coaching and mentoring junior consultants in all the skills they need to perform well – both in their current role and as future managers themselves.

I am constantly supporting resources and helping them to make progress gives me that extra satisfaction.

A Typical Day In The Life Isn’t So Typical

Outlining a typical day might be difficult. However, when it comes to project-related work, it usually revolves around guiding the team through critical pieces of analysis they are conducting, reviewing their work for quality and accuracy, coordinating with the onsite team on any significant client updates and presenting our findings to the client.

Additionally, we are busy planning and implementing things like recruiting, training, sales, technology, and more. The overall experience is varied, unique and enriching all at the same time. You get this sense of accomplishment about yourself and the company heading in the right direction.

Impendi Analytics Engagement Manager Vijender Running Stress Relief

Proper Hydration Is The Key To Success

Hydration is the key to focusing properly – and that’s the first thing I usually do in the morning. Post-that, I like to go out for a run (at least 3 times a week). This acts as a great stress buster and, of course, keeps me fit.

Relieving stress first thing in the morning is important given I will have to battle it out in Delhi’s traffic to get to work.

It is also imperative that you keep track of what’s going on in the projects you are involved with. As your role expands to multiple areas of responsibility, it’s important to stay organized. Although being organized all the time can be challenging and boring, it’s what is expected as your role in the organization gets more mature.

And, of course, a cup of green tea in the morning somewhere in between tasks helps to propel this forward!

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Keeping Productive At The Office Through Regimented Task Lists & Communication

I typically start my day at the office by going through emails. The allows me to identify if something important that came in overnight and needs immediate attention. Reviewing my to-do list from last evening is the next thing I take up. This is followed by catching up with project teams.

Most of the folks carry their home-cooked food for lunch in the office. Being a close-knit group, we try to have lunch together as a team every day. Our conversations over lunch range from interesting project work to the latest sports events to new places to go out for drinks over the weekend.

Apart from that, I like to catch up on world news, a bit of social media, and have a cup of tea (Masala Chai) for my afternoon break. At times, I may make a few personal phone calls to family or friends. I try to take out time to stay in constant touch with the close ones.

This little reprieve helps to keep me incredibly focused during my active working hours.


Top 3 Things To Pack For Work Travel

Traveling for work presents the challenge of maintaining consistency in work outside of your normal environment. But there are some unexpected items that can make this productivity possible. Outside of the obvious things, I like to pack:

  • A Pair Of Headphones/Earphones
    A good pair of headphones is a must-have for conference calls. It also helps you to take a break from work. Excessive stress can hinder your problem-solving skills. De-stressing by listening to your favorite music will help you become a better problem solver.
  • Travel Power Plug
    If only all the countries used the same power sockets! But, as that’s not the case, I make sure I always pack a travel power plug so I can stay connected with the clients and the team.
  • Grooming Kit
    Is crucial because it naturally develops your confidence and personal hygiene. Presentation is paramount – and a consultant should try to look as sharp as their deck.

Organizing Tasks For The Days Ahead

I usually wrap up my workday by catching up with my U.S. counterparts and/or clients for a quick update.

Regular touchpoints with the U.S. team are a good way to not only present and discuss your on-project issues, but also gather more knowledge about what’s going at the client-side from an on-shore standpoint. I have followed this regime consistently for a long time and I believe it helps in keeping the teams engaged to deliver the desired results.

Finally, I review and update my to-do list for the upcoming day before heading onto spending some quality time with family and friends.

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